Initial set-up phase

Document pictureOnce it has been established that your business is suitable to franchise and you have taken the decision to go ahead, there is a considerable amount of work to be done to get you ready to franchise properly and with the appropriate systems, processes and documents. A lot of work is required at the planning stage if the franchised expansion is to succeed. As the saying goes "you can only launch once".

Some businesses are tempted to franchise on an "informal" basis at first, rather than having the cost of setting up the franchise professionally from the start. This is generally a false economy and if set up wrongly, your arrangements could be difficult or expensive to undo or could lead to the failure of the network to expand or worse still to litigation, disputes or early terminations.

It is important to run a pilot operation to test the concept, but franchising itself should only be done once your systems, documents and planning are complete.

Just some of the matters to be dealt with should include ensuring that your domains, logos and materials are protected and have trade marks, allocating territories in advance throughout the UK on a fair, statistics-backed basis, carrying out a feasability study into the feasability of franchising your business, preparing a franchisor business plan, preparing a franchisee business plan, preparing financial forecasts and accounts, carrying out financial scenario modelling, preparing the initial marketing materials and flyers, preparing a franchising website or section of your website, planning and preparing your training scheme, setting up your initial package and set-up fee, preparing the initial Franchisee Information Pack (sometimes called a prospectus or franchisee information memorandum), preparing your Operations Manual planning your ongoing support, reviews and systems, deciding your franchisee recruitment criteria, planning your first years and your own personnel and staffing needs.

How we can help

We can guide you through the whole process from start to finish until you are ready for your first franchisee. We have systems, processes and documents to help you and we will define with you the timelines, deliverables and outputs.

We do not just offer guidance and advice however. We will actually do the bulk of the work for you, preparing the drafts of all the documents needed, including a full set of legal documents, Franchisee Information Pack (prospectus), financial forecasts and the Operations Manual. We will communicate with you throughout the process and ensure that we work together with you to meet your own requirements.

Please contact us for more detail on our initial set-up fee and on the outputs, deliverables and phased approach to ensure that your business is franchised successfully. Unlike many consultants, Élise Billy has one of the highest business qualifications available internationally, and is qualified to give advice, prepare financial models and forecasts. She is of course an expert in franchising but is also reknowned for her drafting and writing skills. In addition, Élise has a highly-qualified lawyer background and can prepare all your legal documents. See About Us for more information.