What do I do next?

Steps pictureAfter reading through the sections of this website, and assessing your business as a potential franchisor, your next step is to contact us. We suggest that you do this at an early stage, so that we can advise you on how to proceed.

If we think that you are considering franchising too early, then we will tell you this (unlike others who may encourage you to run up fees and start too early). We would then advise you on timing and what to do to prepare for franchising in the meantime. We are committed to ethical franchising and expect the same of our clients. We pride ourselves on open and plain communication, integrity and client service.

If you are ready and wish to work with us, then we can discuss with you timescales and processes and an initial feasability study if wanted by you.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you are a potential or existing franchisor to set up an initial free, no obligation meeting or discussion to talk about franchising, your business and your needs. We can advise on what the next steps for you should be, depending on your current level of preparation.

We work with franchisors throughout the UK. A lot of our work and communication can be remotely by email and telephone. We also use the latest technology to arrange video calls, virtual meetings, document sharing and other communication.