Franchisors - Complete Legal Document Suite

Document pictureWe offer a full service for franchisors to set up their franchise legal documentation. This is offered for fixed fees so that you can budget effectively and have no surprises at invoice time, and can meet and speak with us freely. After set up, we offer an ongoing system to our franchisors to manage your legal documents for all your new and renewing franchisees. This is again on a fixed fee basis so that you can factor it in to your upfront fee for franchisees and not have to worry about unknown legal fees.

Franchise Generator is not a regulated law firm, but is operated by Élise Billy, a highly regarded franchise expert who operated a regulated law firm, EXB Legal, specialising in franchising, until 2009.  From Franchise Generator we offer the following services for your legal requirements:

  • Drafting full suite of franchise legal documents
  • Preparing the main franchise agreement but also confidentiality deeds, deposit agreements and others
  • Advising and giving input from experience and expertise in franchising
  • Managing documents system and preparing individual franchisee documents
  • Ongoing advice and assistance
  • Dealing with settlement terminations, renewals and variations
  • Drafting related commercial agreements such as business terms and shareholders' agreements
  • Liaising with other advisors where applicable such as consultants


For franchisee clients (and master franchisee clients), we prepare a detailed report on the franchise agreement for a fixed fee. This can be done for franchisees nationally, and all work can be done by email, phone and post so location is not an issue. We point out the risks in the agreement before you sign, and go through the agreement to explain the meaning and potential impact of the clauses for you. Our services include:

  • Preparing detailed reports on franchise agreements for a fixed fee
  • Advising on related documents before signature such as guarantees
  • Negotiating and redrafting on your behalf where possible and appropriate
  • Assisting and advising you on renewals and amendments to agreements

We have a dedicated website for franchisees that gives further information and gives useful tips and advice. Please see for more detail.

For master franchisees (taking on the UK or a large territory from a master franchisor and then sub-franchising), we can help you to negotiate and redraft the master franchise agreement, and then assist you to franchise in the UK with the services that we offer to franchisors.